Sunday, March 25, 2012

Miachel Pruett

Watch out every one there's a new designer in town. Fellow Texan Miachel Pruett,  graduated from UT-Austin,  she now works at D'esposito & partners. In her short career, she has already accomplished many things including, landing a job and moving to New York City. I met with her for coffee at Eataly, I wanted to pick her brain a little here it is:

credit: Miachel Pruett

IR:what did you think was the most important to know when you started in
this field?
MP: I always thought if i work really hard i can accomplish anything
IR:How did you get started? Is that typical of successful people in this field?
MP: I went to school at UT-austin they had an ad program that traveled around cities
to different agencies and we showed our portfolios i asked one of them if i could work for them when i graduated and they did hire me afterwards.
IRwhat has been the most satisfying part of your role?
MP: the work itself, getting in the flow, get to share it with friends and others.
i think design is art with purpose
IR:what has been the most stressful?
MP:Moving to NYC, living situation
IR:what have been the most important lessons you've learned in your career?
MP: keep it as simple as possible and be passionate about what you do
IR:what have you learned about this industry that suprises you?
credit: Miachel Pruett
MP: How much you can learn the classes to take,  the people to meet in this city
practice makes perfect
IR: what other designers do you respect?
Jessica Hische
Christian Helms
MP: what advice can you give me as i embark on this journey and as I meet
other people who could help me or hire me?
IR: keep doing this, keep interviewing other designers.
credit: Miachel Pruett

photo credit: Miachel Pruett

Miachel pronounced (Me-uh-shell)
is also an avid photographer
check out her work:

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