Monday, March 26, 2012

Claudia Chwe

Argentinian-born, Claudia Chwe,  graduated from Parsons 3 years ago, she started working at Vox collective, she now works idependently for various clients. She was kind enough to let me have a drink with me at Pret. What struck me about Claudia is her friedliness and openess to share with me some pieces of advice read on,

Credit: Claudia Chwe

Itzy bitsy: How did you land your first job?
Claudia Chwe: I got a job through a friend at a company called, Vox collective,
today times are hard, but when the work comes, it comes in bunches.
IR: What has been the most satisfying part of your role?
CC: When I think of concepts, make the people see it, the random different options available.
Credit: Claudia Chwe

Credit: Claudia Chwe

IR: What has been the most stressful?
CC:  Clients and deadlines
IR: What has been th most important lesson you've learned in your career?
To organize myself better at work, grow and get better, also being patient.
IR: What have you learned about this industry that suprises you?
Being creative all the time, how tight deadlines can be, get out of the comfort zone and brainstorm.
Credit: Claudia Chwe

IR: What other designers do you respect?
designers: Tibor Kalman, Peter Saville is my favorite.
photography: Nick Knight.
IR: What advice can you give me as i meet other people who could help me or hire me?
My advice is to have patience with yourself, keep developing, blogging, learning new things, meet more people, consistency, know how to sell yourself, defend ideas and be willing to work independently.

Many thanks to Claudia!
Claudia's beautiful portfolio can be seen at:

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