Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Casey Espinoza

Casey is art director at Taxi,
she recently shared some advice to me about starting out and landing a job in Advertising.
here's some advice from Casey:

credit: Casey Espinoza

After high school i attend the University of the Arts in Philly in a nutshell 
their style was out of date so i transferred to School of Visual Arts, i double 
majored in GD and Ad.

I think it's best to try and figure out what it is you want to do. For me i was 
in between copywriting, art direction and design. Zeroing in on one is your best bet. 

The most important thing i learned, is that in Advertising it's all about who you know, 
and that may seem straight forward but the twist is that everyone will be nice, no one 
wants to burn a bridge, but everyone is only looking out for themselves. I went on 
many interviews that i left thinking about how well it went, only to not get the job. 

credit: Casey Espinoza

I started with internships my senior year of college, than one over the summer after
i graduated. When that did not turn into a job, I started interviewing everywhere i could. 
I was even flown out to Chicago by a company. Being young, now is the time to take a 
job anywhere if you can don't let location hold you back. 

There is no typical way to get started, i have friends that got hired before graduation, some 
that are freelancing, others that got hired right away and some that interned and than got hired.
credit: Casey Espinoza

Currently two campaigns that i was working on as a Jr Art Director have been featured in 
AdWeek, to date has been the most satisfying. You work hard and long hours so too see 
something come to life and be recognized is what its all really about. 

The most stress comes from the crazy hours, which you just have to power through.

If this is what you love doing it will bring you success, also staying in the know follow 
award shows and design blogs. This site counts down all Ad award shows. 

credit: Casey Espinoza
One of my favorite designer is http://www.louisefili.com/

Sometimes its going to suck, interning, looking for job, even work itself sometimes, 
but if it's what you really love doing its never really bad and it's always satisfying.

 check out Casey's beautiful portfolio: http://caseyespinoza.com

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