Monday, September 5, 2011

Mayuko Fujino

I meet Mayuko through Felix, we had a beer on greenpoint we talked about Mexican paper,  and Japanese artists. Later on, we flied kites on her birthday and we've been gettting into some rock climbing. While i was at the puppies show,  i came across a book about illustration and and i saw some familiar work and it was Mayuko!  I've always been struck by her artwork and the details in the shapes of her works. i wanted to her to share some of her process on the itzybitsyblog

When did you decide you wanted to be an artist?

Mayuko: When I was 18, after graduated high school.

Can you explain to us a little about your illustrations?

MF:They are basically about layers, visible ones and invisible ones. I am
interested in borderlines, conflicts, and the duality of nature so
those elements are always present in my artwork. here's my artist

When did you move to New York city and why?

MF:I moved to NY September 2010. I wanted to study English. I had
received emails in English asking about my art, especially from the
United States, much more than in Japanese. so I thought I might be
able to reach more people who would be interested in what I do if I
could speak English.

What do you find different from graphic design and fine arts?

MF: Graphic design is about finding right directions. Fine art is about
wandering and sometimes getting lost.

What sources do you use for your images?

MF:I used old Playboy magazines for the latest series "Bunny Dance"

 Who do you draw inspiration from in your art?

MF: Musicians. I love 80's new wave stuff and early electronic music.

Where does your creativity come from?

MF: I was immersed in books and music when I was a child and it always
made me dream about an imaginary world. I think that's where it comes
from. I feel like I still haven't been able to come back from there.

 When is your next show? Can you give us details

PULSE art fair Los Angeles Sep.30 - Oct.3
art fair in Tokyo Oct.28 - 30
both with Megumi Ogita Gallery
UAMO Festival in Munich
October 27 - 30

I'm looking for places in New York for shows!!!

Thanks Mayuko!

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Indeterminacy said...

Mayuko and I exchanged emails for some years, due to common interests in music/art. I envy you that you could ask her all these questions in person. To my eye Mayuko's work has a kind of peace and symmetry to it. It explores the bounds of positive imagination. I never found anything threatening in her images.

And yes, there were some new details here for me, so I was happy to read this.