Friday, September 2, 2011

Felix Morelo the most loved man in NYC!

I met Felix during my break from work and he made fun of me a couple of times but, I knew he was kidding and it was all in good fun so, i just laughed and i said hey, who is this guy? he told me he drew faces and if i had seen them and i said oh you're that guy.
i took the opportunity to ask him some questions:
So, why are you the most loved man in NYC?
Felix Morelo: (rolls his eyes) It's my wish
why do you draw faces on side walks?
FM: It was a way for me to stand out from the crowd. There's too many artist out there and i had no gallery representation and nowhere to show my artwork.
what's up with the faces?
FM: It's like an evolution of my work, thought pattern and persistance. Before i was just writing things but, then i just simplified it to just a face and that's when it all made sense.

Where do you get ideas from?
FM: Mental effort to simplify to come up with ideas to present and are easy to digest and comprehend, both abstract and complex, loosing complexity a bit.

What's the difference your paintings and your street art?
FM: The studio work is not seen by many people its more complex and more detain and refined. Street work is performance its more simplified that's its beauty and repetition its interactive its done outside. i like to see people's reaction. It's like the difference with a handshake and a hug. It's massive large scale, it doesn't have any limitation, the land is its canvas. I like to think of the whole planet and its surface its for everybody. I guess i'm torn between the street and painting. It is supposed to lead to my artwork, anyone can agree or disagree at least, i have the right to create it.

Do you think it relates to print media?
FM: It does but, it is more ephemeral because of its social regulations and respect to the public. It's only temporary
Is each singe one face different?

FM: It can't be all the same if it was i would be some sort of machine. Sometimes i do intend them to be the same and i could get really close.
Do you do want to make them all different?
FM: It depends on the performance. Things can  change. It can take some 5 -10 hours. I don't really try to create them all different. Sometimes, I try to be more generic, there's periods where I take my time and there's periods where i'm trying to evolve the event.
Thanks Felix!
check out his website:
He's also part of El Museo's (S)files and has his artwork on display at Lehman College on the Bronx.
Opening reception September 26 6-8

After 6 months were still dating!


Anonymous said...

sunday november 13 2011...we should edit and spell check this when we get a chance..i posted it on facebook.good job.
Felix Morelo"the most loved man in NYC"

Anonymous said...

its now been a year and a half dating..a dn I have been showing paintings more often since then...felix morelo