Monday, July 28, 2008

DESIGN 21: Millennium Promise Winner

Normally I post good design- but this is for a good cause.

A few months ago, DESIGN 21, opened its 13th competition to the public. Designers were asked to create an online campaign, preferably with the wit of guerilla marketing. They were asked to promote for the Millennium Promise, a non-profit organization that aims at achieving global knowledge of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

The brief was simple: design a new media campaign that advocated the Millennium Development Goals. The message should educate the public about the main objective of the Millennium Development Goals, entrants were to choose ONE or ALL of the goals in the campaign, entries must be limited to text, images, and video/audio, and entrants choose the target audience and describes how their campaign will be effective at reaching that goal.

The problem with network design is that the deciders are usually design illiterate and therefore choose a very mediocre piece, such as the winning design by Jisuk Jung. The image that represents the entire winning campaign are two badly chosen stills. Designers usually choose Yellow and Black as warning signs- they represent danger and uneasiness. Jisuk Jung's purpose on introducing us to the Millennium Goals with such negative colors is beyond me. Now, if you actually look one step closer at the two stills- it's not even the same yellow. Everything about this design feels like it came out of the standard stock library- particularly the smile on the happy face. Overall, the image feels standard and will therefore blend in to the rest of the bad design out there.

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